dream interpretation 

1. If you see a yacht in your dream, then you will have joy.

2. If you dream of a yacht in a port, you will furnish a house.

3. If you see in your dream a yacht with swollen white sails, then you will be able to realize your dreams and desires.

4. If you dream of a yacht race, it means that the time is right to make long-term plans.

5. If you participate in the regatta in a dream, then you have a real chance to beat your opponents.

6. If you make, repair or buy a yacht, you will make a profitable deal and fate will protect your financial and real estate transactions.

7. If you dream that the yacht has taken a course in the open sea, then you should try to stay away from the development of events, seek peace and solitude.

8. If you travel by yacht in a dream, then you will have financial success.

9. If you dream that you are on a yacht and the sea is rough, then there is a chance that you will suddenly lose money.


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