dream interpretation 

1. When you dream that your whole hands are hairy, you will have a big profit and a lot of luck.

2. When you dream of a hand, beware of strong enemies.

3. When you dream of folded or folded arms, you will have trouble in the family or in contact with others.

4. When you dream of your left hand,
you will act impulsively, emotionally and stupidly.

5. If they cut or amputate your arm, you will lose a loved one or friend.

6. When you dream of a hand without fingers is a sign, then you will be deprived of the opportunity to choose or act.

7. When you dream of swollen or red hands, you will have unfairly gained wealth.

8. When you dream of dirty or muddy hands, you will face difficulties, ruin and disgrace.

9. When you wash your hands in your sleep, prepare for accusations or new battles.

10. When you dream of your right hand, a job is waiting for you, you need to stabilize your financial situation.

11. When you dream of a broken, sprained or injured arm, you will face dangers, troubles and discord in the family.

12. When you dream of both hands, you will prevail over your enemies and competitors.

13. When you dream that you have golden hands, misfortune awaits you.

14. When you dream that you have very big hands, you will earn a lot, but you will also spend a lot.

15. When you dream that your hands are small, you will have small profits and you will appear as a miser


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