dream interpretation 

1. To catch small fish in a dream, wait for small problems.

2. To cook fish in your dream, you will face family worries, dynamic events and changes in the home.

3. To see live fish in your dream, beware of fraud, theft and loss.

4. To catch fish with a fishing rod in your dream, then it will be difficult and slow to achieve your success.

5. To dream of many fish in a lake, they mean gains, but if you try to catch them with your hands, grief and sorrow await you.

6. To eat fish in your sleep, you will be lucky.

7. To fish with a net, you will realize big plans, you will play wholesale.

8. To see dead fish in your dream, you will have worries and losses.

9. To dream of dried, smoked or fanned fish,
you will have bad friends.

10. To dream of big fish, you have high hopes and sometimes for good pay, and small fish are a sign of tricks and tricks.

11. To feed fish in your sleep, you will get rid of enemies.

12. If you dream of raw or marinated fish, you will have abundance and fertility.

13. If you swim in your sleep among many fish, you will achieve your success with cunning.

14. If you dream of aquarium fish, you will have unsatisfactory profits or cooling of friendly feelings.


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